Sponsorship Opportunity

Packages Sponsorship

  • Sponsorship packages are on the basis of first come first serve base; sponsors who send their application the earliest will receive first rights to the packages.
Packages Diamond Platinum Gold Silver
Item No. 1-1 1-2 1-3 1-4
Unite Price (USD) 200,000 150,000 100,000 80,000
Available Quantity 2 2 2 4
On-Site Recognition
Booth 9M x 6M Booth x1 3M x 2M Booth x4
(First/Second Priority)
3M x 2M Booth x4
(Third/Forth Priority)
3M x 2M Booth x2
(Fifth to Eighth Priority)
Breakfast/Lunch Symposium 2 Sessions
(First/Second Priority)
1 Session
(Third/Fourth Priority)
1 Session
(Breakfast Only)
(Fifth Priority)
Free Registrant 40 35 30 25
Admission badges to Exhibition 25 20 15 10
Congress Kit 5 3 2 1
Logo Acknowledgement
Free DM Insert in Congress Kit
Pocket Program
Congress Website
Registration Desk
Congress APP
Banner of Welcome Reception
Banner of Gala Dinner
Front Entrance
Congress Kit - -
Congress Promotion & e-DM - -
Notebook - -

Breakfast / Lunch Symposium Sponsorship

  • Breakfast/Lunch symposium detail will be included in the Final Program.
  • Breakfast/Lunch symposium sponsorship includes rental of venue, standard audio-visual equipment.
  • The onsite decoration and lunch boxes for the participants will be extra order and purchase by the sponsors which the number of meal boxes will be decided by the company.
  • In addition to the support fees, the company must cover all speakers/moderators expenses including registration, accommodation and travel costs. This also applies where the speakers/moderators have already been invited by the AOCC 2019.
  • 10 badges per session with company name only for company staffs to access Symposium. Additional badges can be purchased for US$50. The badge allows access to its own Satellite Symposium and shall be used by company staffs only.
  • Package supporters have the priority right to choose timeslot. The sponsoring company can request a specific timeslot and session room with their application and payment. The Program Committee reserves the right to re-allocate the session to ensure balance and continuity with the main program.
  • Agenda of Symposium is subject to the approval from the Scientific Committee of AOCC 2019.
  • Portable decoration with the Symposium titles and company logos inside/in front of session room or its own exhibition booth is allowed; beyond that no posters, signages, or distributions of materials are allowed in and around the Congress venue.
No. Breakfast/Lunch Symposium Slot Date Q'ty Unit Price (USD)
2-1 60 minutes Breakfast Symposium June 15 2 25,000
2-2 60 minutes Lunch Symposium 2 35,000
2-3 60 minutes Breakfast Symposium June 16 2 25,000
2-4 60 minutes Lunch Symposium 2 35,000

Venue Decoration Sponsorship

  • The Congress will be responsible for the production cost.
  • All the Venue Decorations will be exclusively purchased by one sponsor if there is no Package Sponsor for the item.
Item No Decoration Unit Price (USD)
4-1 Registration Desk 15,000
4-2 Preview Room 12,000
4-3 Front Entrance Image Fort 12,000
4-4 Coffee Break 10,000
4-5 Welcome Reception 10,000
4-6 Gala Dinner 8,000

Commercial Production Sponsorship

  • Congress productions includes abstract USB, uniform, pen, and notebook with single color logo on the production item will be manufactured and provided by the congress.
Item No Commercial Product Quality Unit Price (USD)
5-1 Abstract USB 1 20,000
5-2 Congress Uniform 1 10,000
5-3 Pen 2 5,000
5-4 Notebook 1 5,000

Cancellation / Modification Policy

Cancellation or modification must be made in writing to the Congress Secretariat. Be noted that the cancellation fee may be applied. Any changes made 6 months prior to the Congress is not allowed.

We accept the terms and conditions listed in this Sponsorship and Exhibition Prospectus and agree to abide by the rules for industry participation in the Congress.


Congress Exhibition & Sponsorship Secretariat