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Jin Mian Shan Trail (金面山親山步道)
Jin Mian Shan Trail(金面山親山步道)


Illustration Located to the west of Jinlong Temple, in the middle of the Dalunwei Mountain range, this mountain, which has two names, has an elevation of 252 meters. At one end of the mountain are the clear waters of the Neihudapo Lake. A mountain path can be accessed from Lane 91, Neihu Rd, Sec. 1; Lane 136, Huanshan Rd. Sec. 1; or Lane 50, Huanshan Rd. Sec. 2, which is the shortest path of all three. Descending from the top, to a pass at 181m elevation, and then climbing again to another peak (with high voltage power tower) takes about 20 minutes. Here, a huge stone protrudes towards the north and, looking from Bishanyan, the mountain looks like a knife, which is the origin of the name Jiandaoshi Mountain. The whole of Taipei City can be seen from this peak.

Visitors can take the buses No. 267, 247, 256, blue 27 alighting at Takming College and walk to the entrance of Lane 91, Neihu Road Sec. 1; or take the buses No. 256, 267, blue 27 alighting at Lishan village stop and walk to the entrance of Lane 50, Huanshan Road Sec. 2; or take the buses No. 220, 240, 256, blue 20 alighting at Xihu garden stop and walk to the entrance of Lane 24, Huanshan Road Sec. 3.

Bihu Hiking Trail (湖步道)
Bihu Hiking Trail(碧湖步道)


The 1,327-meter Bihu Hiking Trail connects Alley 12, Lane 60, Sec. 3 of Neihu Rd. and Lane 131 of Dahu St. It is inhabited by various species of fauna and flora, such as the Taiwan Blue Magpie, Crested Serpent Eagle, Pallas’s squirrel and the Indian Cabbage White butterfly. The favorable weather, water and soil conditions also enable Taiwan Acacia, Large-leaved Nanmu, ferns and shade-tolerant native plants to thrive in Bihu, which was once a coal-mining boom town under the jurisdiction of the Taiwan Provincial Government. To illustrate the progress of regional history and culture, a nostalgically simulated Xinfuben Mine, complete with a mine tunnel, rails and cinder-loaded mining cart was launched (at 1k+000) on the footpath. Bihu Hiking Trail is perfect for weekend recreation as it lies close to Mt. Zhongyong, Mt. Liyu, the Yuanjue Temple Hiking Trail, Yuanjue Waterfall, Dahu Park, and other attractions popular with hikers.

With street lighting available along the length, Bihu Hiking Trail is perfect for taking in Taipei’s beautiful nightscape.

Bihu Park (湖公園)


Bihu Park covers an area of about 13.1 hectares. The park facilities include rest pavilions, a nine-turn bridge, and lakeside path. The park flora includes willows, baldcypresses, cajeput trees (paper bark trees), golden showers, royal poincianas, Chinese hibiscus, azaleas, and Ixora westii, which alternately bloom in the spring and summer, creating a mosaic of color reflected in the lake. For the studious, a 45-person capacity reading room is located on the first floor of the park management center. There are also tennis courts, a swimming pool and other recreational facilities. Apart from enjoying the blooms and physical activity, visitors can fish and hike. There are six mountain trails to choose from, with rest pavilions along the way to stop and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Dahu Park (大湖公園)


The park is also a popular spot for weekend fishing, picnics, and strolls in the scenic setting. Walking along the lake, one can enjoy the rippling light on the lakes and the flight of the egrets. Apart from the greenery and trails, there is a heated swimming pool, steam room, sauna, water slide, and other recreational facilities to enjoy.