Guided Poster Run Instruction

Guided Poster Run Instruction
  • Dimension of Display board is 100 cm width by 200 cm height. The paper number will be mounted on the top of the board by the Congress staff. The poster should be measured within horizontally 90 cm max and vertically 120 cm max.
  • Presenting authors are required to set up the posters during the designed hours shown above, using the adhesive tapes provided onsite. No paste, glue, thumbtacks or staples are permitted. Authors who wish to keep their posters should remove them at the very end of the poster sessions. Posters not removed after 14:00 on June 16 will be disposed directly without permission.
  • Presenting author who has more than one poster to present should note the presenting order. The congress accept co-author to present the poster instead. Please be noted that each author or co-author should register for the congress.
  • Poster presentation will be classified to different group. Each presenting author has 5 minutes to present. After presentation, each group will have one poster selected as Excellent Poster by moderator. The presenting author of excellent poster will be awarded to the certificate of the honor.
  • DO NOT MAIL YOUR POSTER to the AOCC 2019 Congress venue but hand carry to the meeting site. The congress would NOT provide printing service on-site.
Poster Exhibition Time and Venue: